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Keeping the holidays meaningful and festive during a pandemic

One of the joys the holiday season brings is the rituals around our activities. A typical year would bring us physically together, enjoying the laughter and comfort of loved ones. Who would have thought it would be otherwise? So, what did we do in the past that we can carry during this time when we can’t gather with extended family and friends? This is a great opportunity to strengthen what we have come to know while developing new traditions. Some of us enjoy the focus of being together, creating a mood with smells, sounds, activities, while others turn outward to help those in need. What if this year we create a balance and do a bit of both? Not only is this good for our souls, but our children can experience the fullness of the season too. The following are some ideas (old and new) that can be done as a whole family:

  • Cook and bake together. Dig up some of your old favorite recipes and search for a new one that may become a tradition in the future.

  • Decorate your home. Bring out the oldies and goodies, and create something with your own two hands. Here is a great tutorial for making window stars out of colored kite paper (consider mailing these as gifts):

  • Make bird feeders. String popcorn and cranberries with a needle and thread to hang on trees. Find pinecones during a nature walk or hike. Wrap the pinecone with yarn or twine leaving a loop for hanging from a tree branch. Spread the pinecones with nut butter and roll in birdseed. Or try this cookie cutter bird feeder recipe:

  • Collect non-perishables for a local food pantry. Have your children help by sorting items based on packaging (cans, boxes, toiletries, etc.).

  • Consider what you can do for a neighbor who may be alone this holiday season, such as making cookies, providing a meal, having your child make them a card, singing Christmas carols, shoveling their sidewalk.

Wishing you all love and joy this unprecedented holiday season!!

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