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Providing a rhythm the children can rely on creates comfort and harmony in the classroom.
Here is a typical day in our class:

  • We begin each morning outside for time to greet one another, move our bodies, and experience nature. We will dig, climb, build, and go on a movement journey through our beautiful outdoor space.

  • Inside we go, working on independently taking outdoor clothing off and putting on indoor shoes.

  • Circle time! Our circles offer seasonal verse, song, and movement that supports and encourages healthy motor development.

  • Next, we eat a snack together. Our food is organic, healthy, and delicious. The children know what day it is by the snack we are serving. For example, Monday is rice day and Tuesday is bread day.

  • After we eat, the children wash their dishes, help clean up the tables and sweep the floor.

  • Creative play, along with preparing the following day's snack, this time is also designated to painting and festival preparations.

  • Now it is time to clean and tidy the classroom. Singing as we go, everyone helps put the toys neatly away.

  • Story time brings us together to hear a tale (which is told, not read). After a number of days, the children may act out the story or see a puppet show.

  • Back outside we go! The children again get to practice putting on their shoes and other outdoor clothing. More time for moving and playing in nature.

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